Crews Continue Bridgeport Effort

June 14, 2021

Sunday, the Global and FARRELL 256 crews worked together to assemble the 10,000# Danforth anchors and tow bridles, as well as replacing a damaged anchor wire onboard the FARRELL 256. 

Work Continues Through The Weekend On Bridgeport

June 13, 2021

Saturday, the THOMAS DANN underwent US Coast Guard inspection and will be cleared for operations early next week. The MEAGAN ANN repaired a problem with the tow winch and made preparations to shift the FARRELL 256.

Crews Continue Work on BRIDGEPORT

June 12, 2021

Friday, The dive team made up pneumatic connections to port voids #2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Pressurization and pressure monitoring hoses were passed to the FARRELL 256 All voids were tested and held pressure.

BRIDGEPORT Salvage Operations Continue

June 11, 2021

Thursday, sea conditions improved overnight, and the crew was able to conduct dive operations into the area of the bow, previously unreachable due to the surge and lack of visibility. 

Bridgeport work continues

June 10, 2021

Wednesday, the crew worked through the day, completing the dewatering of the starboard voids in preparation for completing repairs on the port void salvage hatches and preparing for the dewatering and the pulling effort.

Salvage Teams Progressing Ongoing BRIDGEPORT effort

June 9, 2021

On the BRIDGEPORT, the dewatering of voids #2, 3 & 4 is complete. Dewatering of voids #5 & 6 is ongoing. While the dewatering was underway, the crew worked at the bow to set up rigging for the planned rotation of the barge.

Salvage Crews Continue BRIDGEPORT Operations

June 8, 2021

Monday, The crew working offshore departed the boat ramp early on CAPT. TIBB. Onboard the BRIDGEPORT, the crew was continuing the stripping of starboard voids #3 & 4. Work on the bow section of the barge continued in preparation for connecting the tow bridles for the planned rotation.

BRIDGEPORT Salvage Efforts Continued Through Weekend

June 7, 2021

Sunday, as forecast, while sea conditions eliminated dive operations on BRIDGEPORT, the crew mobilized the FARRELL 256 with three 450 CFM air compressors and pneumatic hoses that will be employed during the pressurization of the port side voids. The team also demobilized nonessential Javeler equipment. 

Salvage Team Update

June 6, 2021

Saturday, the crew departed early onboard CAPT. TIBB. The team boarded the FARRELL 256 and set up for dive operations to make repairs to the salvage hatches. Sea conditions in the morning provided the crew the opportunity to successfully complete repairs on salvage hatches 4, 5 & 6.

Salvage Crews Continue Daily Operations

June 5, 2021

Friday, the crew boarded CAPT. TIBB and arrived offshore in the morning and conducted successful dive operations to remove one cargo hatch cover from the port side of BRIDGEPORT. 

BRIDGEPORT Salvage Work Continues

June 4, 2021

Thursday, the crew boarded CAPT. TIBB and arrived offshore this morning to heavy seas, eliminating the possibility of safely conducting crane and dive operations.

Salvage Team Continues Work on BRIDGEPORT

June 3, 2021

Wednesday, The FARREL 256 was on location at first light.