BRIDGEPORT Salvage Continues

May 31, 2021

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla - Sunday, on arrival offshore, the crew found the FARRELL 256 had suffered through a rough night with swells breaking over the BRIDGEPORT and onto the Derrick.

Conditions Sunday were marginal but allowed for the crew to conduct a safe dive operation to survey the port side voids for condition after the displacement of the cargo hatch covers.

Divers accomplished a significant inventory of the barge hatches important for updating the salvage plan.

Dewatering of the starboard #2, 3, 4 & 6 voids was terminated with water levels estimated to be within 1-2 feet of the turn of the bilge. Port heel remained consistent through the day at 23 degrees.

CAPT. TIBB continues to provide safe crew transfer operations and is working out well as the dive support vessel.

The FARRELL 256 returned to the river to shelter from the weather.

Monday, The team will develop a plan to safely remove the cargo hatch covers and make repairs to the salvage hatches. No offshore work is planned for Monday due to the forecast conditions.

Health and safety of the community and responders plus the protection of the environment are the top priorities of the unified response.