BRIDGEPORT Salvage Operations Continue

June 11, 2021

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla -Thursday, sea conditions improved overnight, and the crew was able to conduct dive operations into the area of the bow, previously unreachable due to the surge and lack of visibility. 

A cargo hatch cover blocking access to the number 2 & 3 port voids was shifted, exposing two additional cargo hatch covers hidden beneath it. The covers shifted position sufficiently enough to provide the diver access to complete repairs to the salvage hatches. 

All salvage hatches have been repaired. The cargo hatch covers remain leaning against the port side of the BRIDGEPORT, which will not interfere with rotation efforts. 

Thursday afternoon thunderstorms moved through the area prompting a Severe Weather Warning for coastal waters. Operations were suspended and the FARREL 256 shifted to her river mooring location where she will lay through the night.

The 2 x 10,000 lb Danforth anchors and snatch blocks have arrived and are staged on the dock. 

Friday, the crew will return to BRIDGEPORT to make up the pneumatic connections to the port void salvage hatches. If time and conditions allow the port voids may be pressurized and the tugs made up for a single part attempt to pull the BRIDGEPORT.

Health and safety of the community and responders plus the protection of the environment are the top priorities of the unified response.