Memorial Day, Salvage Professionals Continue Efforts

June 1, 2021

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla - Monday, Memorial Day, The crew strategized the safe approach to removing the cargo hatch covers from the port side of BRIDGEPORT. With heavy weather offshore, the team worked with the crew of the CAPT. TIBB to complete necessary maintenance work on the vessel.

Tuesday, The FARRELL 256 will transit to load out equipment and supplies, including a personnel transfer basket which will be used to lower divers into the cargo hopper to conduct an inspection of the space and assist in the recovery of the cargo hatch cover(s) in the hopper.

In addition to discharge hoses for the 16” pumps, the equipment being loaded onto the FARRELL 256 is required to remove the cargo hatch covers away from the hull and allow repairs to be conducted on the salvage hatches in preparation for pressurization and dewatering of the port voids.

Health and safety of the community and responders plus the protection of the environment are the top priorities of the unified response.