Salvage Team Update

June 6, 2021

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla - Saturday, the crew departed early onboard CAPT. TIBB. The team boarded the FARRELL 256 and set up for dive operations to make repairs to the salvage hatches. Sea conditions in the morning provided the crew the opportunity to successfully complete repairs on salvage hatches 4, 5 & 6.

As low tide approached, conditions deteriorated, making diving on the port side deck unsafe. With seas building, and thunderstorms on the horizon, the crew demobilized and returned to port. The FARRELL 256 and MEAGAN ANN returned to moor amidst a severe lightning storm.

CAPT. TIBB worked throughout the day, transferring personnel and supplies. The THOMAS DANN will remain on location tonight.

Sunday, With heavy weather eliminating dive operations, the crew will split duties. Part of the team will mobilize to load out compressors and hoses in preparation for pressurization of the port side voids. The balance of the crew will depart onboard CAPT. TIBB to board BRIDGEPORT and resume dewatering efforts on the starboard voids.

Health and safety of the community and responders plus the protection of the environment are the top priorities of the unified response.