Salvage Teams Progressing Ongoing BRIDGEPORT effort

June 9, 2021

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla -Tuesday, Global conducted a planning meeting on the back deck of the THOMAS DANN to run through the plan for the rotation of the BRIDGEPORT. The meeting was productive by bringing the experience of the tug captains to bear on the planned operation, allowing for fine-tuning of the position of the tugs during the exercise and addressing potential issues.

On the BRIDGEPORT, the dewatering of voids #2, 3 & 4 is complete. Dewatering of voids #5 & 6 is ongoing. While the dewatering was underway, the crew worked at the bow to set up rigging for the planned rotation of the barge.

Onshore the crew worked to fabricate fittings and the support system for the pneumatic hoses that will span the hopper during the pressurization of the port voids.

The updated salvage plan was completed and distributed to stakeholders.

CAPT. TIBB worked throughout the day, transferring personnel and supplies. The STEPHAN DANN and THOMAS DANN will remain on location tonight.

Wednesday, Offshore conditions will eliminate the possibility of safely conducting diving operations on the port side of the BRIDGEPORT.

The salvage crew will return to the BRIDGEPORT to continue dewatering the #5 & 6 starboard voids.
Hoses and fittings will be delivered and staged onboard the FARRELL 256.

Health and safety of the community and responders plus the protection of the environment are the top priorities of the unified response.